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You live your life with integrity and authenticity. You should expect no less from your plastic surgeon. Dr. Krista Genoway is a fellowship-trained female plastic surgeon in Surrey, BC who has established herself as a leader in the plastic surgery community through her innovative work in aesthetic transformations. Her meticulous results impact the lives of her patients in profoundly positive ways, and she looks forward to doing the same for you. Through listening, understanding, and collaboration, Dr. Genoway will guide you through the important decisions you make on your plastic surgery journey, so you can show the world the version of you that you see in your mind’s eye.

Our Procedures

Genoway Plastic Surgery in Surrey

Surrey plastic surgeon, Dr. Krista Genoway

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Surrey plastic surgeon, Dr. Krista Genoway

Dr. Krista Genoway, fellowship-trained plastic surgeon

With flawless credentials and a deep-seated passion to create a massive quality of life impact for her patients, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon in Surrey, Dr. Krista Genoway, is dedicated to helping you achieve the confidence and comfort that expert aesthetic plastic surgery provides.

Dr. Genoway completed her Reconstructive Microvascular Surgery Fellowship at the prestigious Buncke Clinic in San Francisco, where she received world-class training and experience in reconstructive and aesthetic surgery. In addition to her aesthetic surgery practice, Dr. Genoway is the co-director of Western Canada’s first comprehensive gender affirmation surgical program. She is also active staff at Vancouver General Hospital and Surrey Memorial Hospital where she enjoys a diverse practice in hand, reconstructive and breast surgery.

In the care of Dr. Genoway, you can be assured you will achieve remarkable and life-changing results, while you are treated with the utmost respect in a safe, caring, and supportive environment.

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Finding Your Way To Your True Self

As a fellowship-trained female plastic surgeon Surrey's own Dr. Genoway celebrates each patient’s individual beauty. She is a champion and promoter of body positivity, self-love, and the “beautiful imperfections” that make each of us unique. Her artistic and refined surgical approach offers authentic, natural, and elevated surgical results for the face, breast, and body so you can reveal your true and most confident inner self.

In Dr. Genoway, you’ll find a caring and compassionate professional partner committed to providing you with thoughtful, empathetic care throughout your entire surgical journey. From the very beginning, you’ll share an unhurried and open dialogue — so you can be assured your goals are understood and feel safe in the hands of a surgeon with your best interest at heart.

Your Consultation with Dr. Genoway

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Genoway Plastic Surgery Featured Procedures

Genoway Plastic Surgery is your destination to receive the benefits of Dr. Krista Genoway’s award-winning surgical research and procedures. Her expertise has made her one of Canada’s most highly respected plastic surgeons. Learn more about Genoway Plastic Surgery’s featured procedures.

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Intimate Comfort

Surrey Labiaplasty

Labiaplasty is a plastic surgery procedure Surrey area residents and guests can utilize to change the size or shape of the skin around the vulva. People may choose to have this surgery for aesthetic reasons or because they are experiencing discomfort due to their current labial shape or size. If you are considering this surgery, Dr. Genoway will review your health and goals with you during a consultation to see if it is right for you.

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Looks that Last

Surrey Facial Feminization

Facial feminization surgery is a type of plastic surgery that can help people who want to look more feminine. At Genoway Plastic Surgery, we strive to bring genuine, detail-driven care to our patients. Dr. Krista Genoway puts your needs first by listening to you and working with you to come up with a plan that fits your self-image.

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Confidence Looks Good on You

Surrey Gender Affirming Body Contouring

Masculinizing (FTM) and feminizing (MTF) body contouring procedures include a suite of surgical procedures that can alter the lines of the body to appear more congruent with your gender. From breast augmentation to chest construction (“top surgery”), abdominoplasty, or liposuction, Dr. Krista Genoway serves as an experienced guide who can show you the possibilities of how you can alter your body to present the appearance you want to the world.

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Striking Silhouettes

Surrey Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation can be a visible and beautiful declaration of feminine beauty. Dr. Genoway takes a “listen-first” approach to breast augmentation, guiding you through your options so you can find the right fit for your body and lifestyle goals. The size, shape, type of implant, and procedures you select, with Dr. Genoway’s guidance, will all work together to create your beautiful results.

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The Right Shape for You

Surrey Abdominoplasty

There’s more to an abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) than just tightening and trimming the midsection. Through careful planning and attention to detail, Dr. Genoway can use abdominoplasty to smooth and sculpt your look to accentuate your midsection’s appearance in a way that fits your overall look. With the right changes, this Surrey plastic surgery procedure can make you look slim and trim, or more masculine or feminine. Learn more about the subtleties of abdominoplasty by scheduling a consultation with Dr. Genoway.

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All Eyes

Surrey Blepharoplasty

Blepharoplasty is a surgical procedure that removes skin and excess fat from your eyelids to create a more youthful appearance. The surgery can be performed on both the upper and lower eyelids, and recovery time is usually pretty short. Most people report minimal pain and discomfort afterward. The results of the surgery are typically long-lasting, so you can enjoy your refreshed look for years to come!

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Surrey plastic surgery model with blonde hair

Care That Continues

Dr. Genoway’s Focus on Recovery and Aftercare

At Genoway Plastic Surgery in Surrey, Dr. Genoway understands that surgery is a milestone in your journey of transformation, but it is hardly the final one. Dr. Genoway delivers top-notch care throughout the critical stages before and after your surgery, making sure your body is ready for the procedure and that you have everything you need for a smooth, safe, and satisfying recovery. This focus on complete care before and after surgery is one of the reasons why Dr. Genoway’s patients trust her with their bodies.

Surrey Plastic Surgery Procedures for Men

Men deserve to look and feel strong and healthy, too. Dr. Genoway’s expertise in plastic surgery and body sculpting can help you refine your favorite features to capture a more masculine aesthetic. These changes are more than skin deep. They help you better tell your identity story and show the world your true self. They include:

  • Facelift for a striking, masculine profile
  • Male chest contouring surgery to create a smooth, firm, sculpted chest
  • Body sculpting to accentuate and define muscle and remove excess skin and fat
  • Scrotopexy and lift

Schedule a consultation with Dr. Genoway today to learn more about our procedures for men. Dr. Genoway offers a welcoming space, a listening ear, and a personalized plan that fits your needs and lifestyle goals.

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Surrey Plastic Surgery for Out-of-Town Patients

Embrace the serenity of the Pacific Northwest as you embark on your surgery journey. Genoway Plastic Surgery welcomes patients to make Surrey their place to rejuvenate and reinvent themselves. We offer virtual consultations and patient services to help you take care of everything you need in advance, so you can have your surgery and recovery preparations made. Recover with peace of mind in lovely Surrey.

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This is your life. When it comes to your body, you get the final say in how you want to shape it. Whatever your vision for your true self, Dr. Krista Genoway has the talent and experience to help you get there. Begin your journey today with a visit to Genoway Plastic Surgery.